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Barack Obama, Concern Troll in Chief

Posted by libhom Saturday, May 16, 2009

Let's look at President Obama's excuses for not supporting the only real healthcare reform proposal in Congress today, single payer.

1) Avoiding Supposed Ideological Purity:
This is a typical concern troll game. He is pretending that he cares about healthcare reform, while opposing it. The American people want real reform that gets the thieving HMOs and insurance companies out of the business, ending their practice of fraudulently denying claims for medically necessary care.

People who want real reform are not looking for ideological purity. We just want real healthcare coverage. Whenever anyone commenting on a liberal blog complains about "purity," it's just a concern troll. Now, we have a Concern Troll in Chief.

2) Tradition:
Obama cited tradition as a reason not to have single payer. Considering how many egregious traditions our country has had to overcome in the past, one would think that Obama should know better.

3) The Current System Being Such a Huge Part of the Economy:
Obama uses part of the problem as an excuse to avoid solving it. Health insurers and HMOs are so corrupt and inefficient, we are paying more of our GDP for this system which leaves so many people without healthcare when we could spend less money and provide everyone in our country care by switching to single payer.

It's official. Barack Obama is a Bush/Clinton/McCain Republican who is just a really clever concern troll. Obama hates middle class Americans as much as the rest of the Goppers.

Tell President Obama to stop being a concern troll and start working for real healthcare reform. Also, let him know that he should start prosecuting HMO and health insurance executives for fraud and murder across state lines because of their denial of claims which were not only medically necessary, but would have been life saving.

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  1. Jimmy Says:
  2. That tradition thingy blows my mind. I also can't stand when someone says we need to come up with reform that is uniquely American (nativist), as opposed to copying some European (socialist) model (that actually works).

  3. Rocky Says:
  4. Tradition and the economical impact indeed!
    I think you hit it right on when you compared him to all of the con men before him.
    Like the Bush "town hall" settings, this one was impossible to attend if you weren't pre approved. They didn't even consider approving local lefty type bloggers. (Or ones from a couple of hundred miles away)

  5. GDAEman Says:
  6. Chalk up another comment to Obama:

    Health Care

    We want choices among doctors, not choices among insurance companies. We trust ourselves to govern a health care system of, by and for the people.

    We the People are the single payer.

    Competition will sill prosper among health industry manufacturers and medical professionals.... We just insist on getting rid of the middle man.

    Thank you



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