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I don't know if you have seen the ads for the so-called "Conservatives for Patients Rights" (CFPR),but the group is such an obvious astroturf organization for the HMO's and health insurers it isn't even funny. One of the rights patients obviously don't have, according to the CFPR propagandists, is healthcare.

NBC has generated considerable controversy by deciding to run 30 minutes of CFPR propaganda dressed up as a documentary. They are actually going to run an infomercial that outsleazes the ones on the most pathetic of cable networks. Even worse, they are running this nonsense after Meet the Press, in an attempt to give the HMO/insurance company phony gravitas.

Democracy for America has been promoting an open letter aimed at stopping NBC from intentionally deceiving its viewers this way. Here's the text of the letter.

This Sunday, following Meet the Press, a 30-minute “infomercial” attacking a public healthcare option is set to air on NBC. The ad is created by disgraced former hospital CEO Rick Scott and his group "Conservatives for Patients' Rights."

Rick Scott has a track record of deceit.

Scott's previous ads contained blatantly false statements and misleading excerpts of interviews with healthcare professionals. If Scott's 30-minute "documentary" contains falsehoods, NBC could be liable for an FCC violation and serious fines. Furthermore, Meet the Press needs to know that their credibility is being used by Rick Scott, and will be tarnished by the association to these swiftboat style attacks.

Lawyers from the Service Employee International Union have sent a letter to NBC demanding they don’t run the ad. It is up to us to back them up with the voices of thousands of viewers demanding action.

I've seen some of CFPR's ads. They made Karl Rove's propaganda look subtle by comparison. If you are tired of rightist bias on corporate media, here's an excellent opportunity to do something about it.

Sign the Letter!

I would also recommend contacting Meet the Press and reminding them that airing this infomercial would do irreparable damage to the reputation of that program.


  1. JayV Says:
  2. Done! (Those ads are ridiculous.)

  3. Utah Savage Says:
  4. I've been boycotting Meet the Press. I can't stand David Gregory as host. The show has turned mighty rightwingy. What's up with David? I should start giving him shit on twitter.

    Signed! Thanks for posting this. It was news to me.

  5. two crows Says:
  6. hey libhom--
    thanx for this. I hadn't heard about it.

    signed the petition and wrote the letter. and will send the info to my eddress book.



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