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Support HR 676 on the National Call In / Email Day

Posted by libhom Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From an email I received from Progressive Democrats of America (edited):

...please don't forget to email your representative tomorrow to let them know you favor single-payer healthcare and ask them to co-sponosr HR 676. Get the details here.

...Read the the reports on the final Senate Finance Sub-committee on Healthcare hearing. Five activists were arrested, while others were outside (pictured) with PDA Advisory Board Chair Mimi Kennedy and the California Nurses Association protesting the exclusion of single-payer healthcare from the debate. Learn More.

The battle lines are drawn and we're doing our best to move single-payer healthcare forward--we appreciate your support!

If you have ever been denied coverage for healthcare you needed, you know why we need single payer healthcare to get the insurance companies and HMOs out of the business altogether.

Find and Contact the People in House and Senate Who Are Supposed to Be Representing You!



  1. two crows Says:
  2. well, DINO Baucus needs more police?

    fact is, we need fewer "democrats" like Baucus.

  3. GDAEman Says:
  4. Thanks for posting on this. Sustained pressure is crucial.

  5. Utah Savage Says:
  6. I'm here stealing your http thingy to put you on the feed, so when you post, I'll notice and beat a path to your door. Sorry I've been neglectful, but the feed always catches me eye and then at the end of the day, I'm too tired to run through the big blog roll. Once I get this thing set up, I'll never neglect you again. Unless I'm lying or sick or lazy.



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