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During the distorted and dishonest campaign by Dick Cheney to continue torture and indefinite detentions going, one element of it really sticks out. The corporate media are actually taking what Cheney says seriously.

Never mind that Dick Cheney got himself put in charge of the Bush regime's terrorism task force and made sure it didn't meet until October 2001. Never mind that Cheney sent our Air Force on highly distracting exercises at the same time when the Bush regime had numerous credible warnings from a variety of countries that Al Qaeda was going to stage terrorist attacks using commercial airplanes.

These facts alone should completely discredit Cheney on the subject of terrorism. There are more.

1) Cheney led a campaign of fraud and fear in order to get us into an illegal war of aggression and genocide against the Iraqi people.

2) Cheney was deeply involved in other criminal activities including, torture, illegal domestic surveillance, and detentions of innocent people without charge, much less trial.

3) Cheney had lied about the alleged effectiveness of torture on numerous occasions in the past, despite the fact that every credible source in law enforcement and anti terrorism work has made it clear that torture does not produce accurate information.

4) Cheney held secret meetings with energy company contributors on energy policy. While we don't know all the details of the meetings, we do know that an important aspect involved details on how Big Oil would carve up Iraq's oil after the War had been launched.

5) Cheney was an active member of the Project for a New American Century, which had expressed hopes that a major attack, comparable to Pearl Harbor, would be launched on the US so they could push their agenda.

A defender of the corporate media might say that Cheney is a former Vice President, so his views have to be taken seriously. Even that is factually incorrect. Dick Cheney never was legally or constitutionally this country's Vice President. He was illegally occupying the office due to two stolen elections.

There really is no excuse for the corporate media's pandering to Dick Cheney. It is a truly brazen example of the propagandistic and unreliable nature of what we are bombarded with on a regular basis.



  1. David Duff Says:
  2. You could always send him over here, we need someone who can recognise national self-interest and who has the ability to apply real-politik where it is needed, instead of all these Euro-soppies we have to put up with who are so wet you could shoot snipe off them!

  3. Christopher Says:
  4. Cheney is NO ONE.

    Yet the corporate owned MSM, treat him like he's Jesus Christ -- they fall all over his fat ass and accord him this sick level of respect.

    You want to know the other one they do this to? Michael "MC" Steele.

    The other day, MS Steele gave this bizarre speech and all the cable news channels turned the cameras on him and turned off their regular scheduled programming.

  5. Utah Savage Says:
  6. This is why we need newspapers that aren't owned by corporations. Oh, sorry, we don't have newspapers that aren't owned by corporations. Oh right, all anti-monopoly legislation that effectively kept the news free of a profit motive for actually reporting the news went out the door when the republicans regained control of the legislative process a decade ago. Never mind.

  7. libhom Says:
  8. David: Your choice of a shooting metaphor is delightfully ironic. One of the things Dickless Cheney is most famous for was a hunting incident where he shot his friend in the face. Of course, the humor doesn't stop there. The prey for brave hunter Cheney was released just prior to Cheney trying to shoot it, and Cheney still shot his friend in the face.

    Christopher and Utah: I'm delighted that more and more people are realizing just how distorted and biased corporate media are. We need to keep speaking on the subject.



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