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From an email I received from Progressive Democrats of America:

Immediate calls to Senator Charles Schumer (D) N.Y. requesting that he invite a single payer advocate to participate in the upcoming May 5 and May 14 Senate Finance Committee roundtable discussions on healthcare reform scheduled to take place in Washington, D.C.

Please call Senator Schumer right away at his D.C. office: 202-224-6542 and let him know that a representative from Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) or other single payer advocacy organization should be included if the Finance Committee is to make a full and honest assessment of the financing of reforming our health care system.

To reach National PNHP, Senator Schumer's office can call: 312-782-6006.

When single payer representatives were left out of the White House Summit on Health Care Reform, calls made to the White House prompted them to extend invitations to both Dr. Oliver Fein (President, National PNHP) and Congressman John Conyers.

Let's do it again!

There is broad national support among people and physicians in the U.S. for a single payer system and while the powers that be in Congress have declared single payer off the table - let's make sure they know we will not quietly and passively accept that decision.

Single payer advocates do not have enormous sums of money to influence elected representatives as do the special interests - our most valuable asset is our vote, our voice and the fact that we tell the truth about the only effective fair method of delivering medical care in our country.

So, please join thousands of people across the country and make the call to your New York State Senator: 202-224-6542

Schumer's support of Gillibrand, the Iraq War, torture, and de facto Republicans over real Democrats in the primaries gives people plenty of reason to be alienated by him. Let's hope Schumer acts like a Democrat and supports single payer healthcare.

Learn more about single payer healthcare.


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