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Wisdom from a Queers United Commenter

Posted by libhom Thursday, May 21, 2009

I usually don't blog on comments on other blogs, but this bit of brilliance in a the first paragraph of a comment on Queers United deserves to get more of a spotlight.

Rebecca said...

To the first comment: Free speech does not mean freedom from criticism. He is a hateful homophobe and we should call him out on it.

Rebecca has her own blog, City of Ladies.

There are two aspects of this that I think merit further discussion. First, I've generally noticed how the rightists feel they are entitled to be as vicious as they want to people, but they whine whenever the targets of their bigotry stand up for themselves. It is the classic bully/coward syndrome.

Also, when rightists say their free speech rights are being denied when they face criticism, they are implicitly claiming that bigots should have a monopoly on free speech. The corporate media never calls the bigots on this.



  1. Free speech leading to more free speech is healthy, we don't censor, we criticize the opposition, it is the right that censors.

  2. Jimmy Says:
  3. My head spins every time the right claims victimization whenever they face their own tactics.



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