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Ratzi's Latest Hypocrisy

Posted by libhom Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ratzinger looking even more evil than usualIrony Alert!

From CNN 5/10/09:

AMMAN, Jordan (CNN) — Pope Benedict XVI urged greater respect for women Sunday at a historic Mass in the Middle East.

“Sadly, this God-given role of the dignity of women has not always been understood and esteemed,” the pontiff said on his first visit to Jordan as pope.

Let's look at Ratzinger's own record on women.

1) In an effort to reduce women to the legal status of incubators, he opposes the right to choose on abortion.

2) He incites acts of terrorism against abortion providers and women who use their services by fraudulently claiming that fetus and embryos are "human lives."

3) He absolutely discriminates on the basis of sex in hiring for the Catholic priesthood.

4) He opposes birth control to try to keep women barefoot and pregnant.

It is hardly surprising that an enthusiastic member of the Hitler Youth is using Hitler's Big Lie tactics, claiming that abortion takes human lives, to further Hitler's anti-choice agenda on abortion. Given their far right bias, it also is not surprising that the corporate media let Ratzinger get away with all of this.

With so many Catholic priests traveling to the Middle East, I hope the people there know to hide their children.

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