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Boring Shit I Could Be Tweeting (Twitting) About

Posted by libhom Thursday, May 07, 2009

I think Tweets should be called Twits. Some of you who have read my bitchy comments in other blogs know I despise Twitter.

Twitter is the world's most popular and effective generator of boring content. It works even better than photocopying the White Pages.

I know people who have utterly fascinating blogs who put Twitting gadgets on their sidebars. The stuff on there is as interesting as watching grass grow. It's crazy.

As promised, here is some boring shit that I could be sending out to the entire world as Twits.

"I crossed my legs at work today."

"I got hungry and ate."

"I don't like hail."

"My eyes are itching from my allergies."

"I just blinked."

There is good news. Most Twitter users even get bored with their own Twits pretty quickly. (Digital Trends 4/30/09)
New data from Nielsen Online shows that Twitter has seven million hits in February this year, up from a mere half million in February 2007. But – and here’s the problem – almost two-thirds of those people only stay with the service for a month or less.

And, there was rejoicing in the land!



  1. JayV Says:
  2. I know nothing about Twitter, really. 'Cept that during the Vermont House vote to over-ride the governor's veto of the Marriage Equality Bill, a writer for one of our local papers was twitting from Montpelier the progress of the debate.

  3. Christopher Says:
  4. Twitter is a bore.

    I use it to generate traffic to my blog and that is all.

  5. Lew Scannon Says:
  6. Twitter, and Facebook for that matter, for the most part, is exactly as you described it. I think most people use it as a popularity ego boost by trying to accumulate as many friends as they can gather.



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