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Four Sickening News Items

Posted by libhom Thursday, May 14, 2009

There is so much sickening crap going on it's difficult to keep up. Here are some brief summaries of why we need to change a lot more than which bought politician is in the White House.

Barack Bush (1):
From the Guardian 5/14/09

The release of more photos of prisoner abuse by US soldiers is "of no benefit" and may inflame opinion against the US, President Barack Obama has said.

The pictures were not "sensational" and every case of abuse had been dealt with by the military, with action taken where appropriate, he said.

President Obama is lying as blatantly as Karl Rove did while he is continuing the Bush Agenda. Obama also is displaying a Bush style contempt for the rule of law.

And, people wonder why so many Americans don't even bother to vote.

Ratzi Serves Up Still More Hypocrisy on His Mideast Trip
This from The Guardian 5/14/09:
Benedict's message contained little of the fraught Middle East politics that have taken a high profile on his trip so far. Instead, he spoke of the importance of the family in the Christian community and encouraged all his listeners to "reject the destructive power of hatred and prejudice, which kills men's souls before it kills their bodies".

Setting aside the fact that souls don't even exist, Ratzinger has an enormous nerve lecturing anyone else about "the destructive power of hatred and prejudice." That monster was the architect of the previous pontiff's viciously heterosexist and misogynistic policies. Ratzi continues to push those policies today. Ratzi criticizing prejudice would be like me criticizing somebody for too long of blog postings.

Bloomberg to Tenants: Drop Dead!
From the New York Times 5/5/09: (Hat Tip Rent Stabilization Association)
The board that oversees rents for New York City’s one million rent-stabilized apartments proposed a range of rent increases on Tuesday, disappointing tenants and their supporters, who say the recession warrants a rent freeze.

In a preliminary vote, the city’s Rent Guidelines Board proposed increases of 2 percent to 4.5 percent for one-year leases and 4 percent to 7.5 percent for two-year leases. Last year, the board approved its highest set of rent increases since 1989 — 4.5 percent on one-year leases and 8.5 percent on two-year leases. The board will hold two public hearings, on June 15 and June 17; it is to take a final vote at a meeting June 23.

The NY Times is a strongly anti-tenant paper which conveniently neglects to mention that the Rent Guidelines Board is made up of Bloomberg appointees who take their marching orders from city hall. These rent increases during a deep recession represent yet another attack by Michael Bloomberg on middle class and poor people in NYC. He really hates anyone who isn't rich.

Barack Bush (2):
This has to be one of the most sickening trial balloons by the Obama Administration so far. (AFP 5/14/09)
Obama mulls 'indefinite detention' of terror suspects

WASHINGTON (AFP) — As part of its plans to close Guantanamo Bay, the Obama administration is considering holding some of the detainees indefinitely and without trial on US soil, US media reported Thursday.

President Barack Obama's "administration is weighing plans to detain some terror suspects on US soil -- indefinitely and without trial -- as part of a plan to retool military commission trials that were conducted for prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay," The Wall Street Journal said.

I would like to think that the Wall Street Journal is lying, but I doubt it in this case. Indefinite detentions are the practices of totalitarian states like the former Soviet Union, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the Bush regime. Truly free and democratic societies never do this. I had hoped that President Obama would at least reject the Bush regime's contempt for the rule of law, but even that appears to be too much to ask for from this Clintonian Phonycrat.



  1. Christopher Says:
  2. I'm done with Obama.

    He's had his 100 day honeymoon and now I'm ready to rumble. Since he is determined to marginalize the LGBT community, I intend to use my voice to speak out against him.

    2012 is just around the corner and I am already beginning to focus on the next election.

  3. JayV Says:
  4. Hey, always good to read your posts!

    You might be interested in this:

    "In other words, in all these ways he has turned out to be truly just a lesser evil than either GW was or McSame would have been.

    But regarding all these things he is still leaving us, or placing us, in a worse place than we were in when Bill Clinton – not such a progressive hero, himself – left the White House."



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