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Child abuse is an issue that is very personal to me. I was the victim of non sexual child abuse growing up, and I know what that did to me. A very close friend of mine had his life destroyed by a child molester.

So, the Catholic Church's ongoing policy of protecting child raping priests triggers a lot of rage, rage that is perfectly justified. What baffles me is that most Catholics aren't outraged enough to be giving Ratzi and the rest of his molester enablers hell for it.

When I see some scumbag Catholic priest spewing hateful lies about abortion on supposed moral grounds, I am not obligated to remain silent. It's the same thing when those fascist hypocrites lie about homosexuality on nonexistent moral gounds. No Catholic leader is in any position to even discuss the morality of others while they refuse to weed out the child molesters in the Catholic Church. It is no secret that sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests is much more common than in the general population and that evil church shields them as much as they can get away with.

And, the blame doesn't just go to Ratzi and the other pieces of shit at the top of the Catholic Church. Every Catholic priest is complicit in his silence. How many have publicly demanded that Ratzi resign in disgrace for protecting child molesting priests? Name one.

Any and all efforts to defend Ratzi and the Catholic clergy function as enabling Catholic priests to go on raping kids. There are some really sick things on the Internet, but that is going to far, at least on this blog. Anyone who engages in this sickening viciousness will discover that the following three things will happen.

1) Those comments will no longer be published.

2) All future comments by that poster will be rejected.

3) Links to any blogs written by those commenters will disappear.

This goes double for trolls who pretend to be concerned about child abuse while defending the pro molestation policies of the Catholic Church or denying that they exist.



  1. Christopher Says:
  2. I'm so sorry about your childhood experience.

    I have a friend from high school who is a victim of a priest sex predator and his life has been extremely difficult.

    He had an addiction to heroin, married and divorced several times, and served time in prison for grand theft auto. I think and I believe, his problems can be traced back to what took place in his life between the ages of 8 and 12, until the priest was "relocated" to another state.

    My friend is doing OK now. He's been clean for more than a decade and became a Buddhist while in prison. He refers to this period as "the lost years."

    You should never shut up. The Catholic church (not so much the nuns who do good, charitable, social work) is run by evil fuckers who need psychotherapy.

  3. Christopher Says:
  4. O/T

    LOOK! Woo Hoo!

    Annie Oakley-on-the-Hudson had better not get to comfortable.


  5. Lew Scannon Says:
  6. Nor should you remain quiet about it. A child is a person in developmental stages of their lives, and every negative thing that happens to that child stays with them for the rest of their life. One of the worst thing that can happen if for that child's trust to be betrayed by a person in a position of authority. What's even worse is when there is a whole patriarchy covering up the evil deeds of one of their own to protect itself. It never can be trusted in any other instance to be "pro-child" when they place the importance of the institution of mythology over a single child. To find that they have covered up these crimes repeatedly speaks volumes about their true priorities.



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