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Four Years

Posted by libhom Thursday, May 07, 2009

This blog is now four years old as of yesterday. It's amazing that it has been this long. In the process, I've found out about so many other fascinating blogs. Be sure to check the Links list and the More Links section. I've uncovered some real hidden gold nuggets out there.

Thanks to all the spooks monitoring this blog for reading it.

Thanks a whole lot more to the rest of you.


  1. Christopher Says:
  2. Four years? For reals? Whoa!

    Happy birthday!

    That's so funny you mention "spooks" reading your blog. Did I ever tell you about the hit pieces I penned on Joe Lieberman back in 2006? I supported Ned Lamont and I wanted Lieberman defeated and sent packing.

    Anyway, after I wrote the pieces on Lieberman, I noticed my incoming traffic stats were flooded with hits from the US Dept. of Justice. This went on for a week.

    Our tax dollars at work, huh?

  3. AKA William Says:
  4. Congratulations on (at least) four years of godless liberal homo-ness!

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Happy blog day. May there be many more.

  7. RickB Says:
  8. Happy Blogquadennial! And long may you continue.

  9. two crows Says:
  10. congrats on your anniversary.
    here's to at least 4 more.

  11. Jimmy Says:
  12. Thanks for doing what you do. Nobody does it better.

  13. libhom Says:
  14. Thanks for the Blogday wishes.

    To all of you who have blogs, keep at it. There are at least thousands of us liberal political bloggers who are positively influencing the political culture.

    We may disagree with each other often on particulars, but I see that as healthy. One of the reasons that rightist blogging has so much less of a following is that the blogs are so much alike. People repeat the same talking points they have read elsewhere. I honestly have a difficult time telling most of them apart.



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