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Fabulous Protest Outside of HRC Dinner

Posted by libhom Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just as the HRC did when they invited homophobes like Bill Clinton and Nancy Pelosi to be their keynote speakers, history repeated itself when the Champagne Fund (Human Rights Campaign) rewarded Barack Obama for empty rhetoric and heterosexist substance at this weekend's annual dinner.

Fortunately, there were self respecting queers protesting outside the dinner. From the Washington Blade 10/11/09:

Tuxedo clad guests walking to the Washington Convention Center to see President Obama's speech Saturday before the Human Rights Campaign's annual dinner were greeted by a line of about 75 LGBT activists who criticized the president for not moving fast enough on LGBT rights legislation.

The protesters unfurled a 25 foot long banner bearing the words, "A Chicago Welcome for Obama: Keep your 0#% promises! Repeal DOMA, Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Protest organizer Andy Thayer, a member of the Chicago-based Gay Liberation Network, said he and members of the Dallas-based Queer Liberaction called the protest to raise objections to what they believe has been the president's record so far of "all talk and no action."

The quote from the protest flier says it so well:
"For too many years the LGBT movement has been the plaything of the Democratic Party," said a statement handed out by the protesters. "Courted for money and votes when they needed us, abused and disrespected once they're in power."

The Democratic Party is supportive of queers at the local level in some states and cities, but the national party continues to exploit and abuse queers. Just because the Republicans are even worse is no excuse for how execrable the congressional and White House Democrats have been to us.

I know that Obama threw some platitudes at the self loathing queers at the HRC dinner who put pageantry over activism. I don't care. Empty speeches are mostly offensive and irritating at this point.

Employment discrimination legislation should have been passed in the late 70s, yet the Democratic Congress still hasn't put the legislation on Obama's desk to sign or veto. It's 2009. This is unacceptable.



  1. i couldnt have said it any better - great post

  2. Anonymous Says:
  3. As one of those "Heterosexist" bloggers who likely disagree with you on 95% of issues, I give you full marks for not letting yourself be used by empty promises.

    On my own blog I have asked people of the left who support Obama to name a republican you would be willing to support in 2012 to show him a lesson. I suspect they can't and will have to assume the Kevin Bacon position.

    I presume you will support a 3rd party candidate given that situation? Am I wrong?



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