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Some Excellent Blog Posts on ENDA

Posted by libhom Sunday, October 04, 2009

The corporate media are downplaying the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA), the most important lgbt issue, because they want corporations to be able to fire people based on sexual orientation and gender identity. That's why people who support equality have to be the media. Here are some great posts on ENDA.

ENDA Summary
Transgender Workplace Diversity
This is a detailed summary of what the legislation specifically does.

ENDA Is Justice Long Overdue
National Center for Lesbian Rights Blog

Two witnesses who testified before the committee told their stories of being subjected to harmful and painful job discrimination. First, Vandy Beth Glenn detailed how she had been terminated from her position at the Georgia State Legislature after disclosing her intention to transition genders from male to female.

Next, Yale Law Professor William Eskridge recounted the history of sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination in the U.S. But he also testified compellingly about how sexual orientation discrimination had affected him personally when he was denied tenure at the University of Virginia early in his career.

ENDA Hearing on the Hill
Union Gal
Normally, when I write these posts, I have loads to say, but I honestly couldn't add analysis or even a thought when presented with the testimony of Vandy Beth Glenn and William Eskridge. Nothing I've experienced comes close to being fired from a job that you love and are good at because your boss has an issue with how your co-workers might feel. Feel? Seriously? WTF?

If you haven't blogged on ENDA, why not? I know the corporate media are downplaying the most important lgbt civil rights issue. This is precisely why we shouldn't let ourselves become captives of the corporate news cycle. We need to report on important issues, especially when they are downplaying them or censoring them.

Queer, liberal, and progressive bloggers need to be more proactive.



  1. Lew Scannon Says:
  2. The corporate media is too busy to to cover ENDA and other lgbt issues because it's too busy trying to drum up support for an attack against Iran now. I'm sure the Obama administration has it on their to-do list, and look how successful they've been with that.

  3. ENDA is so important!

  4. TomCat Says:
  5. Hi libhom. Thanks for your visit and comments at Politics Plus. Discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity has no place in a free society. ENDA deserves all our support.

  6. cul Says:
  7. Thanks for the info on this which I pass on.

  8. Kvatch Says:
  9. Feel? Seriously? WTF?

    This is such patent nonsense. As I've grown older, I've moved more and more to the "work is work, and life is life," attitude that doesn't allow for socialisation with colleagues.

    If we could all just get here, one's orientation (gender, color, race, or religion, for that matter) wouldn't even be worth considering.



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