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Fighting a war takes a lot of energy. The vehicles, planes, and ships use up a lot of fuel. High tech equipment used for combat also takes a lot of power. All of this generates CO2 emissions. When one evaluates a war policy, this enormous carbon footprint must be taken into account.

Also, wars take a lot of money to keep going. Some of that money could go to solar/wind/geothermal subsidies and desperately needed expansions of our public transportation systems. Our most important efforts to reduce climate change are being hampered by our steadily escalating war budgets.

The war in Iraq ads another layer to all of this. Fighting a war to increase the power and profits of Big Oil only reinforces our society's structural dependency on petroleum. When so much of our policy time and effort are devoted to a Big Oil foreign policy, there is less available for working together with other countries to reduce CO2 emissions.

Under these circumstances, there is no rational way to justify continuing the illegal war in Iraq. Over 1.3 million Iraqis have been killed, the vast majority by US troops. The war mongers keep pretending that we are helping or protecting the Iraqis by staying there and occupying their country. Yet, the occupation force is responsible for most of the violence. Every excuse for continuing the war evaporates under rational scrutiny.

It's time to tell Obama to take Global Warming seriously. A big part of that means ending the war against the Iraqi people and bringing all the troops and mercenaries home. From a logistical perspective, Obama easily could have finished this months ago. (Claims to the contrary are subtle slurs against the competency of our military.)

Tell President Obama to Withdrawal All Troops and Mercenaries from Iraq Now!




1 Responses to Tell President Obama to Fight Global Warming by Withdrawing Completely from Iraq

  1. Could not agree more. Let's get out of Afghanistan, Korea, Germany, and Japan too.



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