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Homophobic Attack by Planned Parenthood Leader

Posted by libhom Saturday, October 10, 2009

When I was looking for an opt out form on Michael Bloomberg's campaign website so I wouldn't get flooded with so much junk mail (none was found), I checked the endorsements page, and I was horrified to find out that Cecile Richards, President of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, had endorsed a vicious and fanatical homophobe like Michael Bloomberg for Mayor.

This really felt like a sucker punch because I had thought that Planned Parenthood was pro lgbt. I know better now, and I won't give those bigots any more money. Anyway, here's the text of the email I sent them.

I am shocked and horrified to learn that your President has deliberately promoted discrimination and violence against lesbian, gay, bi, and trans people here in New York City by endorsing a monstrous bigot like Michael Bloomberg for Mayor.

Bloomberg has been shutting down queer businesses. He has been engaging in campaigns of false arrest specifically targeting gay men, usually in predominantly gay neighborhoods. He has continued Giuliani's policy of the NYPD ignoring homophobic hate crimes unless the victims are killed or are famous. He has worked tirelessly to promote harassment and assault against queer youth in the New York City public schools. Bloomberg has deliberately discouraged HIV testing by starting contact tracing.

Of course, this isn't the only shocking thing about this endorsement. Bloomberg is a far right Bush/Cheney/Limbaugh Republican who has doled out bucket fulls of money from his personal fortune to finance the campaigns of far right GOP politicians who fight hard against reproductive rights. Bloomberg repeatedly committed criminal and unpatriotic acts during the RNC to keep the anti reproductive rights fanatic, George W. Bush, in the White House.

I cannot give money to an organization run by a vicious homophobe like this. The fact that she has deliberately sabotaged her own organization's mission by endorsing a monster like Michael Bloomberg is even worse.

I thought I could trust Planned Parenthood, but I obviously can't.


1 Responses to Homophobic Attack by Planned Parenthood Leader

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Planned Parenthood sucks. They just want to get in with whoever is in political power.



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