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War Monger Gets Nobel Peace Prize? WTF?

Posted by libhom Friday, October 09, 2009

I'm sure you know by now that President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Reading about this had to be the biggest WTF momemt of the past few months. Let's look at the relevant facts.

- Our troops are still fighting the illegal war in Iraq, at very high levels. The numbers of mercenaries fighting that war has either stayed the same or gone up.

- The Afghanistan war continues.

- Obama has started a new war in Pakistan.

- Obama has given tacit support for the Honduran coup leaders.

- Obama is continuing the Bush regime policy of destabilizing Columbia, using rightist death squads and propping up the dictatorship there.

The notion that a president who has been feverish in his pro war stance can get a peace prize is absolutely Orwellian. You have to wonder if the Nobel Committee lives in a parallel universe or something.

You have to wonder about the right's talking point too. They keep saying that Obama hasn't done anything, so he shouldn't get the prize. The facts say otherwise. He has been able to implement a pro war agenda that these same rightists agree with. They aren't in any position to make legitimate criticisms because they share the same pro war agenda with Obama. So, they parrot a talking point that is completely disassociated from the truth.



  1. avi Says:
  2. i looked at the whole list of past winners. kissinger also won. yuck. it's like i have no respect for massively elitist awards given out by massively elitist awards givers. i would've given it to kathy griffin before obama. sure she cuts people down, but it's said with love.

  3. Fran Says:
  4. Oh, you forget to add the Palestinian situation, where Obama appeases Israel & supplies them w arms.

    Part of the whole debate about health care, and how oh how WILL we pay for all that caring of peoples health?????

    The military is the biggest line item in the budget.

  5. Lew Scannon Says:
  6. So, continuing and expanding the policies of Bush is peace? When was 1984 anyway?



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