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Sarah Palin Should Face a Criminal Investigation

Posted by libhom Saturday, January 08, 2011

As you may be aware of by now, Congressmember Gabrielle Giffords has been shot. Thus far, Ms. Giffords has survived, but a federal judge and a nine year old child were murdered in this terrorist attack.

Towelroad, like a number of blogs, is reporting the fact that Ms. Giffords is one of the Democrats on Sarah Palin's infamous gun target poster.

Sarah Palin already should have been facing a criminal investigation for that incitement to terrorism and act of treason. Now, there is no excuse. Palin must be arrested and prosecuted for this. Anyone who objects to this is a terrorist enemy of America.

Every cable network should drop Palin. Every bookstore should stop selling Palin's books so she can not profit from her acts of terrorism.



  1. Cirze Says:
  2. Only right.

    Kudos for saying it first!


  3. Dave Dubya Says:
  4. Fascism and terrorism inevitably converge. To borrow their phrase, "Guns don't kill people. Reich Wingers kill people...with their guns." "Second Amendment remedies" are now in effect.

  5. the blood is on Palin, Beck, Malkkkin and all the other hate monger

    they talk the good game - and will distance themselves in warp speed

    but this is clearly what happens when you have 25 years of endless garbage and hate from fat fucks like Rush

  6. JDM Says:
  7. Bitch shoulds been indicted for Tiller, too, along with the whole network of xtian freaks. Dig a little - Loughner almost certainly had active enablers (where'd he get his fucking gun, to start with) and did have inciters.

    What's the point of that whole Patriot Act panoply of things illegal under (the former) Constitution? Just to torture a coupla hundred (max) retarded Arabs? C'mon, ameriKKKa - ur bigga than that.



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