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Linda McMahon's Senate Campaign Provides More Comedy Gold

Posted by libhom Monday, October 26, 2009

headshot of Linda McMahonThe Senate Campaign by Linda McMahon, who resigned as WWE CEO to run for the Connecticutt GOP nomination has been a golden opportunity for snark, one which I have been happy to take advantage of. I'm not the only one. From Inside Wrestling Pulse 10/24/09:

It’s really funny to think about all the absurd crap that her opponents could mention. I mean, how would things go down in a debate?

“Mrs. McMahon, were you not the head of a company that at one point showed an 80 year old woman being a nymphomaniac and at one point giving birth to a hand?”

A video shows some of the wild things that have gone on in the WWE. The YouTube pages says, "This video may not be suitable for minors," which is comical since minors watched all this stuff on TV.

Here's the video of Ms. McMahon where she defends her involvement with the WWE. It's quite funny.

Ms. McMahon's political opponents will probably enjoy this staged video of her being chokeslammed and piledriven by a WWE performer.

Here's a parody video from the CT2010TV YouTube channel.

Here are some gratuitous pics of half naked WWE hunks for my gay/bi male readers. (Thumbnails link to full sized pics.)
Randy Orton in the ringOrton has Cena in a sleeper holdCM Punk in the RingShelton Benjamin shows off title belt

Photos: Linda McMahon for Senate
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Big Ed's Photos

1 Responses to Linda McMahon's Senate Campaign Provides More Comedy Gold

  1. Christopher Says:

    Has this moron started the requisite appearances on FIXED Noise lately?

    I mean, no one in GOP ranks will take her seriously until she appears on Billo's program or Hannity's program.



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