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Action Against Oil Spills Tuesdays

Posted by libhom Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I've decided to start my first weekly feature here in the land of the Godless Liberal Homo: Action Against Oil Spills Tuesdays. This will be running at least for the next few weeks in order to turn anger into action against more catastrophes like the British Petroleum oil volcano in the Gulf. If we continue offshore drilling, more incidents like this are inevitable.

The first action will be to work to reduce the dependency on automobiles which creates the market for much of the filthy muck in the Gulf. The American Public Transportation Association has an Action Alert for people to contact the folks who are supposed to be representing us in DC asking them to push for more money for public transportation during the next appropriations process. Here is the sample text: (You should replace all or most of it with your own words.)

Public transportation benefits all Americans. Please support further investment in public transportation because public transportation:

For every $1 invested in public transit, $6 is generated in economic returns. And every $1 billion invested in public transportation supports 30,000 jobs in urban and rural areas.

Public transportation allows us to save 900,000 automobile fill-ups each day. That's 4.2 billion gallons of gasoline annually that we're not buying overseas.

Public transportation saves 37 million metric tons of CO2 annually. That's the equivalent of the electricity used by nearly 5 million homes.

Each year, public transit saves auto drivers and truckers more than $10.2 billion in congestion costs, which in turn, reduces stress. What's more, public transportation connects us to work, school and health services.

Only a small percentage of the population in this country uses public transit, and that much CO2 is being kept out of the atmosphere. Think how much more CO2 would be kept out if we massively expanded public transit.

Please Take Action to Prevent More Oil Spills!



  1. GDAEman Says:
  2. Thanks for connecting an important dot. Solutions to today's problems will require connecting multiple issues together... despite what the Republican talking points on health care said.

  3. Here's one idea: stop making people in the Northeast subsidize other Amtrak service and make nationlized rail travel a fucking priority. It should cost over $75 round trip to travel from NYC to Philadelphia (just a hair under 90 miles). And many times the fare is much higher.

  4. opit Says:
  5. You do realize you are now an official Environmental Activist, I take it. Care2 has a newsite that is hard to beat- though Current TV is no slouch. I have a list. :) My links page at Opera includes a feed of a technical bent. Energy is the category is the Topical Index much of this is landing in http://opitslinkfest.blogspot.com
    And I've blogged a few interesting stories. I suggest you have a look at the methods I use in data collection when I put together my RSS SnapShot! RSS feeds at My Opera together with Search Spiders at Blogger augmented with free Zemanta content.
    I am able to make this assembly fairly easily by installing Zemanta in Firefox. In turn, Firefox has the ability to quickly 'Copy' complete with links and formatting by shading via holding down the left key, right clicking on it, left clicking to indicate the spot in Compose, and right clicking for Paste.
    Otherwise I really don't know how you will handle the volume - though a Pipe might work.



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