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British Petroleum Has Made Out Like Bandits in Iraq

Posted by libhom Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Seize BP Petition buttonBritish Petroleum certainly isn't Beyond Profiteering.

We have seen how British Petroleum's irresponsible and greedy behavior already has devastated a major portion of the Gulf of Mexico. Well, British Petroleum's evil behavior is global. Iraq is a country where this heinous oil corporation has made an enormous amount of blood money and is likely to continue to do so. (From the Telegraph 6/30/09):

A BP-led consortium on Tuesday won a deal to develop Iraq's largest oilfield – the only successful foreign bid in a historic televised auction.

International oil companies were put off by the Iraqi oil ministry's demands that they cut the fee they collect on every barrel extracted over 20-year contracts.

The BP-Chinese National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) deal was only secured when the consortium agreed to cut its fee per barrel from £3.99 to $2.

That's right. Those poor babies will spend very little of their own money to extract the oil (and none to find the oil), and they are guaranteed hefty profits, but not as hefty as they thought they would get.

Of course, this isn't the only way that British Petroleum has made money off of an illegal and genocidal war in Iraq and the endless quagmire in Afghanistan. (Asia Times 6/19/10)
The Pentagon's foreign wars have left it particularly heavily dependent on oil services, energy and petroleum companies. An analysis published at Foreign Policy in Focus found that, in 2005, 145 such companies had contracts with the Pentagon. That year, the DoD paid out more than $1.5 billion to BP alone and a total of $8 billion taxpayer dollars, in total, to energy-related firms on what is a far-from-complete list of companies.

That's right. British Petroleum has been making over $1 billion in fuels sales, the vast majority of which would be completely unnecessary if not for those two wars.

British Petroleum doesn't just have oil on its hands. They also have blood on their hands. The pressured both the British and US governments, along with other Big Oil corporations, to get us into the Iraq War in the first place. Now, you can see why.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's involvement has been particularly interesting. For the especially gullible, he claimed that his decision to get involved in the war on Iraq was based on fears of WMDs, knowing full well that Iraq didn't have WMDs. He let other people think that he was Bush's poodle, going to extremes to preserve the "special relationship" between the US and Britain that almost always benefits the elites at the expense of the general populations of both countries.

Knowledge and perspective is often clearer with time and larger bodies of information. Now, we know that Tony Blair was a poodle, but the owner of that groveling dog was British Petroleum.



  1. Lew Scannon Says:
  2. No we know, BP stands for Bush's Poodle....

  3. When confronted with the villians on Wall Street and at the oil companies (among others), I wish I believed in hell. But I don't. And my fear is they will walk away without so much as a scratch. Well, waddle away, since their pockets will be stuffed with cash.



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