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Here's what rightist politicians in the UK are defending:

Update: I've replaced the spill cam with a oil spill ticker for now because British Petroleum currently is blocking streaming of the spilling oil by news organizations.

oil soaked beach

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How do far right British politicians thank America for saving their country from the Nazis? They defend a heinous and murderous act of terrorism against our country by an incredibly evil corporation, British Petroleum.

Boris Johnson, London's fascist Tory mayor, has made the news with anti American comments defending the unconscionable conduct of British Petroleum. He then went further, fraudulently accusing opponents of British Petroleum of somehow being "Anti-British" because we want a criminal corporation and its criminal leaders brought to justice.

David Cameron, the bubbleheaded empty suit who now occupies 10 Downing Street, is engaging in the morally offensive behavior of defending British Petroleum, although in a less overtly anti-American fashion. That isn't good enough. It's time for Britain's extreme right Prime Minister to set aside the corrupting influences of wealthy and corporate campaign contributions and stop attacking America by defending British Petroleum.

Other corrupt British politicians are even exploiting British pensioners whose funds engaged in highly risky speculation on British Petroleum stock. This is sickening.

If Cameron, Johnson, and their fascist cohorts had any human decency or integrity, they would be leading a campaign to work with the US government to seize British Petroleum's assets and use them to pay for the cleanup of the act of terrorism in the Gulf, compensate the victims, and to compensate the pensioners who were ripped off by British Petroleum. Unfortunately, they are such bought politicians that they would rather defend a terrorist organization like British Petroleum.

So far, there has been a tremendous level of outrage at British Petroleum. That outrage is completely justified, and no one can honestly argue otherwise. However, there has been very little anti British sentiment in this country. But, if pieces of walking garbage like Cameron and Johnson keep spewing anti American filth, that can and will change.

Many people are already boycotting British Petroleum and companies it bought like Arco and Castrol. Even in exurbia, many of the gas stations selling British Petroleum's morally depraved gasoline are almost deserted, even during rush hour. It would take very little effort to come up with a list of other British companies to boycott if this wave of anti American, pro terrorism extremism takes hold among the UK's elected officials. When I can afford to travel to Europe, I don't have to ever travel to Britain again. I don't have to fly British Airways or Virgin Atlantic. I don't have to have flights with Heathrow layovers. No American does.

It would be trivial to create of "Boycott Britain" Facebook Group. In fact, by the time I got around to doing it, somebody else would have already created it, and all I would have to do is publicize it.

I don't want to have to boycott Britain, by I will not tolerate this abusive, bigoted, and harassing behavior by British government officials. Cameron and his merry band of fascist pigs better learn to shut the fuck up!



  1. TomCat Says:
  2. Lib, I can sympathize with elderly Brits who are losing their retirement over this, just like I sympathize with elderly Americans who lost their retirement in the GOP recession. That does not change it that greedy corporations need be held accountable.

  3. libhom Says:
  4. TomCat: I sympathize with those elderly people too. That's why I want British Petroleum's assets seized and for some of those assets being used to help the retirees.

  5. there is no doubt that BP will at some point declare bankruptcy to save their "shareholders" (read execs) asses.

    in the end there will be no accountability and tony slimeball will walk away with millions

    and we will be left with dead fish

    can i ask - when we are finished killing the planet - where will folks like Hayward and James Inhofe live?



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