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Arkansas Voters Have a Real Choice

Posted by libhom Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vote Green
Photo: Damian Kettlewell for Vancouver-False Creek

Corrupt, far right "Democrat" Blanche Lincoln faces a Green Party challenger in her Senate race. (Independent Political Report 6/9/10)

Democrat Blanche Lincoln and Republican John Boozman, winners of their parties’ primaries for this year’s US Senate race in Arkansas, will face Green Party candidate John Gray, retired engineer and current Mayor of Greenland, AR. Lincoln, a leading beneficiary of retail giant Wal-Mart who was supported in a close primary race by President Barack Obama, has drawn the ire of progressives for her opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act and her efforts to weaken health care reform.

John Gray, the Arkansas Green Party candidate, is running on a platform that includes: enacting a Medicare For All single payer health care system, ending corporate personhood, fixing trade to make America self-sufficient and eliminate the trade deficit, breaking up “too big to fail” corporations, and ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

You can learn more at John Gray's campaign website. I particularly like his proposal to bring back the tariff system.

If liberals limit our options to the Democrats, they will be able to take us for granted just like Blanche Lincoln and the Clintons have been doing for years. We have to make Democrats earn our votes.



  1. Excellent suggestion. I wish more independent candidates were available in all elections.

  2. Dave Says:
  3. I'm kind of on the fence with independent candidates. While I'm really sick of conservative democrats (I'm right next door in Oklahoma), often times they will split the vote and then we end up with the republican candidate winning. A prime example is what Nader did to Al Gore.



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