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This sounds like obstruction of justice to me. (CBC News 6/26/10)

The Vatican has stepped up its criticism of raids carried out by Belgian police investigating alleged sex abuse by priests, with the No. 2 official saying Saturday that the raids would be unprecedented even under communism.

The raids this week targeted the home and office of a retired archbishop and also the graves of two prelates.

"It is an unheard-of and very grave fact," Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican secretary of state, said Saturday. Speaking on the sidelines of a conference in Rome, Bertone lamented that bishops were held for nine hours without food or drink.

"There are no precedents, not even in communist regimes," Bertone said, according to Italian news agencies.

The communists should have done a lot more to stop the rampant child molestation by the Roman Catholic clergy. All governments with Roman Catholic churches should have.

When standard police procedure is demonized because it targets child rape in a clergy, you would think that there would be universal outrage. But, Ratzi's stooges keep throwing fits over this. They don't care how horrified decent human beings are by their behavior.

Ratzi's horrifying response to these raids in Belgium is getting a lot of well deserved criticism on the blogs. Here are some examples:

Catholic Child Molesters Scold Belgium Cops (News Pirates)

Vatican Hissy Fits Continue After Belgium Police Raids (Michael in Norfolk)

The Vatican - Still Doesn't Get It (Skeptico)

One thing that stunned me while researching this posting was seeing blog posts by pro child molestation advocates actually attacking the Belgian police raid. Anyone who is genuinely opposed to the rape of children supports similar raids throughout the world.



  1. Manoj Joseph Says:
  2. Call for penitence, purification and justice on one side (Ratzinger), pressure on anyone who dares to take action on another.

    Oh, by the way, Ratzinger's call for justice was under pressure. A month before, it was 'petty gossip of dominant opinion'.


  3. TomCat Says:
  4. The way I see it, as long as the Belgian police had their local legal requiements proberly done, more power to tham.



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