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Reminder of What British Petroleum Is Doing to the Planet

Posted by libhom Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hat Tip: Letters from the Sanitarium

Eventually, toxic crap from the petroleum will diffuse into all the oceans. It will evaporate with water to form rain that will poison people and other life forms all over the planet. The air we breathe will remain poisoned as well.

Greenpeace has a Flickr photo set that shows what is really being done to the environment.

So much of the coverage on the cable "news" channels is about the politicians and the pundits, while the consequences of this horrific crime get short shrift.



  1. Suzan Says:
  2. Thank you, friend and comrade!

    This is exactly what I've been waiting to hear about for sooooooooo long now.

    And . . . still . . . NOTHING!!!


  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. I liked Bill Nye's idea. A 6000 ton cone of concrete. Of course, BP has "abandoned any further plans to try and plug the well." That was in the paper.

  5. Excellent tracker. So, when does the oil reach the Jersey shores? Long Island? Cape Cod? Because I can't see how it doesn't show up.



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