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When Will Democrats Learn to Stop Trusting Bill Clinton?

Posted by libhom Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Bill Clinton always has been an incredibly corrupt, racist, and homophobic far right Republican posing as a Democrat. Yet, his ability to con people into believing almost anything has gotten far too many Democrats to act like he is some kind of legitimate Democratic Party leader.

Clinton again showed how what a wingnut he was when he participated in ads in Arkansas for ultra corrupt Senator Blanche Lincoln, the same Lincoln who has a well deserved reputation of being completely bought and paid for by the same corporate and wealthy interests that the Clintons have been bought and paid for. (CNN 6/4/10)

Incumbent Sen. Blanche Lincoln is pulling out the big guns in her bid to defeat a hard charging challenger in the Arkansas Democratic Senate run-off.

Now just four days away from her showdown with Arkansas Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, Lincoln's newest campaign ad features former President Bill Clinton – the favorite son of Arkansan Democrats.

When will Democratis learn? Never, ever trust a Clinton!

Blanche Lincoln, like the Clintons, hates lebsian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans and wants us all dead. They all are fanatical racists. They all are corrupt war mongers who despise middle class and poor Americans. None of them have met a corporate campaign donor they didn't like. All of them should tattoo the words "For Sale" on their foreheads.

Some Democrats are calling for voting for a Green candidate. A Green Party candidate is infinitely better than an extremist Bush/Cheney/Limbaugh/Beck/Palin Republican like Blanche Lincoln.



  1. That bastard!

  2. Jimmy Says:
  3. Agree Agree Agree....and MSM didn't help by attacking her opponent for allowing organized labor to help his campaign, never really pointing out all the corporate bribery Lincoln has pocketed.

  4. Lew Scannon Says:
  5. I think all progressives should abandon the Democratic Party altogether, as they seem to be no different than the Republicans in many aspects, with the exception of a small minority.

  6. Lew: I already have. And libhomo, you are so right. I hate Clinton with a white hot passion. I'm waiting for the media to fawn over his spawn's wedding this summer like it's Prince fucking Charles marrying Princess fucking Diana.

  7. I figured out who the real Bill Clinton was when he started trying to color-arouse the electorate against presidential candidate Senator Obama by telling the press that, (paraphrasing) Barack Obama's win in South Carolina means nothing, because Jesse Jackson and any Black candidate would win South Carolina.

    All right, Mr. Genius Bill Clinton: How do you explain Obama winning Iowa that's 1% Black, and nearly winning New Hampshire that's 1% Black.

    Bill Clinton was living in an old paradigm where candidates only needed to remind the public that the other candidate had brown skin and then the electorate would say in unison, "He can't be the best candidate if his skin is brown."

    Bill Clinton's color-arousing dog-whistle Klan tactics discredited him in the minds of Obama's supporters, who by then included more than half of the Democratic Party and more than half of independent voters. Bill Clinton marginalized himself (and his wife's) candidacy when Clinton decided to treat Obama as "the Black people's candidate" instead of "the American candidate who happens to have brown skin and a white mother and grandparents."

    The Clinton's badly misjudged the effect that their surrogate color-arousers like Erica Jong and Geraldine Ferraro said things that were reprehensible and unforgivable. For example, Jong quite intentionally called Senator Obama "boy" even though she knew how insulting this is to Black people in the American post-slavery, post Jim Crow context:

    "NARAL loves the new boy on the block -- even if HRC was there at its founding."

    It was as if the Clintons had become so angry at Blacks that they decided to give up on any hopes of getting Black votes and to try to win the nomination of the strength of the white anti-Black hate vote instead. Unfortunately for them, they discovered that the nation is not as Black-hating as it was when Orvial Faubus won re-election by saying "never" to desegregation of schools.

    We all knew that CLinton was willing to throw his conscience overboard when he and Al Gore sided with US pharmaceutical companies to oppose South Africa and Brazil's efforts to copy outrageously expensive patented anti-AIDS drugs instead of watching the virus spread and the people die.

    When Clinton ran for office saying he was going to "end welfare as we know it," most of us knew this was an attempt to appeal to voters who believe that only Black people welfare.

    When Clinton signed legislation that made chronic alcoholics ineligible for Social Security disability benefits, we knew Clinton wasn't above creating new social problems, like massive lines at food pantries and homelessness within that population.

    It was only when I saw the way the Clintons treated the Obama campaign (as the Black man's campaign) that I realized that the Clintons were utterly unprincipled, led in their foolishness by their PR man (whose name escapes me at the moment), but who made more money from his cut of their media buys than probably anything else he's probably ever done in his life.

    It doesn't matter whether you think Clinton or Obama was better. If the Clintons had campaigned against Obama as "the opponent" instead of as "the brown skinned opponent", then they probably could have split the Black vote with Obama (I was initially for Clinton) and then Hillary Clinton would be president today.

    It was as if the Clintons couldn't forget their supposed color advantage long enough to campaign against Obama as they would any other candidate.



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