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In 2006, partisan Democrats kept marketing Jim Webb of Virginia to liberals and queers like crazy. But, the fact that he used to be a Reagan administration official made me nervous. Keep in mind that the Reagan administration was the most heterosexist in US history, and it was horrendously corrupt.

Those suspicions have been proven quite reasonable by Webb's behavior as a Senator. This latest exchange with former Lou Dobb's henchperson Candy "Creepy" Crowley on her CNN show last Sunday is a rather blatant example.

“I was really disappointed in - in the way that this process was accelerated. I was the only Democrat that voted against this in committee markup,” Webb said in an interview aired Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union.

Webb, himself a Vietnam veteran and a former Secretary of the Navy, sits on the Senate Armed Forces Committee and is the Chairman of the Armed Forces Personnel Subcommittee.

“I believe we had a process in place. And to preempt it in some ways, showed a disrespect for the people in the military,” Webb told CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley.

“They should not have done this,” Webb added.

I actually watched the damned interview when I was resting in my hotel room from IML. Webb was basically accusing the women and men in our armed services of being cowards. Can you imagine people who risk their lives for this country being so chickenshit they can't handle serving with queers?

Of course, Crowley never once challenged Webb on his indirect insult to the people in the military, because that would have screwed up the heterosexist narrative she developed for that episode of the show. Her behavior was just as bigoted and unprofessional last weekend as it was when she was licking Lou Dobbs' boots on his show.

I know, I know, I shouldn't bother to even watch the corporate media. But, I was too tired to read at that point and hotels make sure to have nothing on teewee so you will pay for their in demand, ultra expensive, offerings.

Back to Webb, he seems determined to go along with the wave of bigoted hysteria in Virginia. That state's new Governor is so nutty racist that he endorsed treason by declaring a Confederate History Month. The Virginia Attorney General has made highly questionable legal threats against state universities that have lgbt nondiscrimination policies. Webb is keeping up with the Joneses by going all crazy bigoted against queers. Well, there's another state to cross off my potential vacation list.

In any case, there's a really important lesson here. Anyone sleazy, bigoted, and corrupt to have worked in a Republican administration simply cannot be trusted...ever.




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