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British Petroleum Buying Ads for the Keywords "Seize BP"

Posted by libhom Friday, June 11, 2010

Seize BP Petition buttonI wonder if those pieces of walking garbage will give me even one day's worth of time when I don't have yet another reason to despise them. From the Seize BP Campaign:

BP buys Google ads for “Seize BP” searches
How outrageous is this? Google “Seize BP” and the first thing you’ll see is a BP ad about its “efforts” to address the Gulf of Mexico crisis. BP is squandering millions of dollars in deceitful self-promotion ads when working families across the Gulf Cost are desperately awaiting compensation and relief.

Interestingly enough, at the time of this writing, the top search result below BP’s ad is a video about the Seize BP Week of Action in 50 cities across the country. Our movement didn’t pay a dime to get that video in the top spot of a Google search. It is there because our grassroots movement is drawing attention and garnering support from coast to coast around a simple and just demand: Seize BP’s assets to provide comprehensive compensation and relief for all affected people and for cleaning up the environment.

I checked, and it's still there. The thing that really pisses me off is that the link for the ad itself says "Seize BP." This is incredibly deceptive. People are trying to find the website of the group that is trying to get British Petroleum's assets seized, and the first link is propaganda from British Petroleum. The Internet never should have been allowed to be put under such overt corporate control.

The Federal Trade Commission should look into this misleading advertising ploy.

British Petroleum has been lying to the public about the spill from the beginning, and they are using every dishonest tactic to try to get away with what they have done. Obviously, I refuse to go to a BP or Arco station, just like I refuse to go to Excon and Mobile stations for a variety of reasons.

My Citgo buycott looks better and better every day.




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