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Angry Black Bitch on Fred Thompson's Campaign

Posted by libhom Tuesday, October 16, 2007

She is spot on with this observation:

Why the fuck is everyone discussing Fred Thompson’s first debate as if the man is five years old and this is his first day of all day school?

The way the corporate media cheerlead for Thomspon because he is a Republican, a Reaganesque bad actor, and a right-wing whackjob is so disgusting.

Can't the pundits and "reporters" (using the term very loosely) try pretending they are doing balanced coverage once in a while just to shake things up?

She has more to say:
A bitch is obviously concerned…and with good reason. Fred Thompson is being pitched to the right as the Mean Enough candidate…the guy who will kick that cute little progressive puppy twice and enjoy it. Those clever conservative spin masters have been all over the place stressing how intellectually lazy he is, how he’ll tow the evangelical line even though he doesn’t go to church and how he’s so allergic to rolling back the tax cut he has to carry an Epi-pen.

They don’t even care that Thompson, who was a young man in the 1960’s, somehow managed to circumnavigate the Vietnam War. It matters not as long as he maintains that pro Iraq War position.

Republicans sure love lazy authority figures. Just look at how they drool over George W. Bush and get all excited contemplating Ronald Reagan's nap-a-thon/presidency. But, what do you expect from people who insist that capital gains be taxed at lower levels than income earned by actually working?



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