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Antonia Juhasz on Pelosi, the Oil Law, and the Iraq War

Posted by libhom Sunday, October 14, 2007

IndyMedia is streaming some excellent video of Antonia Juhasz speaking at a Code Pink event, protesting Nancy Pelosi's refusal to even meet with constituents of hers who oppose the war.

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1 Responses to Antonia Juhasz on Pelosi, the Oil Law, and the Iraq War

  1. It’s all about the oil–anyone who thinks otherwise is foolish. Just look what they did to Latin America in the 70s…in some instances appointing brutal dictators favorable to US interests. Hugo Chávez may have some policies that are not in the best interest of Venezuelans, but the best thing he did was kick out all the foreign companies and nationalize the oil industry–no wonder the US has plotted to assassinate Chávez. We all need to get or remain informed because the corporate driven media is not going to do the job for us–so much for free press.



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