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My Response to Yet Another DCCC Fundraising Letter

Posted by libhom Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is the group that raises money for House Democrats as a whole. Giving money to them functions as a vote of confidence in what House Democrats are doing.

The DCCC also was notorious in the last election cycle of raising money from queers and opponents of the war and diverting the money away from pro-queer, pro-peace candidates to homophobic war mongers.

So, it should hardly be surprising that their fundraising tactics were misleading this time around. The mailing said it was a "Presidential Campaign Survey," yet nearly all of the questions on the bullshit survey were designed to make this terrible Democratic Congress look good. And, the real reason for the mailing was to raise money, not get peoples' views.

I decided to include a note with their mailing to express my views on giving money to the DCCC.

I will not give a dime to your organization until the Democratic Congress meets the following minimal and incredibly modest conditions:

1)Passage of a trans inclusive ENDA.

2)Cutting off all funds for the illegal and unAmerican war in Iraq.

3)Living up to the constitutional requirement that Bush and Cheney be impeached for their many crimes against America and crimes against humanity.

If “Democrats” are going to act like a bunch of corrupt, bigoted Republicans, there isn't any point in giving money to Democrats.

I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it any more!

Best of all, those jerks are paying the postage.

1 Responses to My Response to Yet Another DCCC Fundraising Letter

  1. you are not alone..many of us are doing the same thing. One day people will see, and it will probably be way too late and the pain will be great that dems are part of the problem NOT the solution. The vote is really a "safety valve" to keep us dreaming and not aware that we live in an Oligarchy of ONE business party - its a great sham..and the founders who knew we would face tyranny from an excutive who would be king ..has the wisdom to give us tools to address this

    note the crickets..

    chirping. Who runs the show ? Big time money changers..the SEC does not sufficiently regulate hedge funds we are heading towards events that will make the great depression like like a bad mood. the solution, build locally, join and be a part of small affinity groups..and watch out for the moles..because all the homeland security money floating around.is paying for infiltration big time..provactours..

    a paranoid thought - not if really not if you know your history. Hell we had a mole at our rural little nowhere town who attended start up green party meetings..you will know them by their extremism.



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