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Why the Democrats Almost Lost the Tsongas Race

Posted by libhom Friday, October 19, 2007

The corporate media are working feverishly to right-spin the close results of the by election that the Democrats barely won in Massachusetts. They seem determined to ignore the real cause: the sense of outrage and alienation in the core constituencies of the Democratic Party.

Here are some of the reasons why so many Democrats are angry, demoralized, and disgusted with the party "leadership."

  • Acting as if AIDS no longer exists.

  • The refusal of House or Senate Democrats to cut off funding for the Iraq war.

  • The absence of impeachment hearings for Cheney or Bush.

  • The inability of House Democrats to pass the Armenian genocide resolution, one of the most obvious "yes" votes in the history of Congress.

  • Inaction on Hurricane Katrina that borders on being both Republican and criminal.

  • Trying to sabotage ENDA and divide the queer community.

  • Funding abstinence only scams that promote HIV infections and unplanned pregnancies rather than honest and accurate sex education which prevents them.

  • Efforts by corrupt "Democrats" to push more corporate-controlled trade deals that create economic insecurity and poverty at home while creating malnutrition, disease and misery abroad.

  • A lack of interest, much less action, on global warming.

  • Confirming Bush's most dangerous and extreme appointees after ceremonial hand-wringing.

  • Consistently refusing to acknowledge the fact that the past two presidential elections were stolen.

  • Doing nothing to replace touch screen voting machines with paper ballots.

  • Continuing draconian drug laws that waste tax money and peoples' lives.

  • Reauthorizing the Unpatriotic Act.

  • Avoiding action on making the rich pay their fair share in taxes.



  1. Christopher Says:
  2. And Nancy "Impeachment is off the table" Pelosi's refusal to close the appropriations committees responsible for funding Bush's Iraq war and her arrogant refusal to order the Articles of Impeachment for Bush and Cheney.

  3. That is a very compelling list GLH. And i bet if one sifts even further about a dozen more major public policy issues could be added. Where the hell is the so called Opposition Party ? (rhetorical question)

  4. libhom Says:
  5. thanks, proudprogressive: you caught on to the intent of the list, a series of examples, not a comprehensive digest.

    Opposition party? What's that? ;)



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