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Ron Paul Should Repudiate David Duke's Support

Posted by libhom Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ron Paul MUST Run Ads Nation-Wide NOW!!

The preceding is a headline from David Duke's website. (Thanks to Orcinus for tipping me off to this one.)

Ron Paul has been supported by David Duke for some time now, yet Paul never has gotten around to denouncing Duke and rejecting Duke's support. Paul's tacit acceptance of Duke's support is reprehensible. Ron Paul just gets creepier with each passing day.


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. David Duke gave money to Romney not Paul

  3. Curtis Says:
  4. Ron Paul doesn't have to repudiate the support of anyone. David Duke isn't important and even if he were he's still just one guy with one vote. Ron Paul has never endorsed Duke in any way. If he had, then you might have a case. Don't worry, I won't call for whoever you get behind to repudiate your support.

  5. libhom Says:
  6. The anonymous poster is ignoring the post on David Duke's blog supporting Ron Paul. Right wing extremists won't face facts even when they are staring them in the face.

    Curtis: refusing to repudiate the support of a notorious racist, sexist, homophobic, and Christian supremacist bigot is a very serious issue indeed. Refusing to repudiate a Klansman and a Holocaust denier is reprehensible.

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. No I'm not ignoring the facts. I see that he is writing stories about him but that has no meaning of support. In fact if he is monetarily supporting Romney than you need to look at that. He has not given money to Paul. So if he won't write about Romney what does that tell you. It tells me that he knows by writing about Paul he can get people like you to believe that Paul is racist. The fact is Ron Paul is about individual liberty. The best way for these people to attack Paul is to use these racist tactics. The people that will benefit the most from a Paul presidency would be minorities. They are the ones who are attacked with the War on Drugs, Racist profiling etc. Besides that fact David Duke can support who he wants wether it's Romney or Paul it doesn't matter. Last I checked he has every right as an individual to freedom of speech and freedom of press. It's whehn he attacks someone's liberty is when he looses that freedom. I saw no attacks in this article.

  9. libhom Says:
  10. Ron Paul condemning David Duke would in no way violate David Duke's right to freedom of speech.

    Ron Paul has opposed every piece of civil rights legislation. That makes his refusal to repudiate David Duke's support even more serious.

    It is truly bizarre that anyone would defend Paul's acceptance of Duke's support.

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. I'll tell you what. I will request that Ron Paul repudiate David Duke. If you tell me who your candidate is and I pull up someone who supports them. Then you must have your favorite candidate repudiate them.

  13. JL Says:
  14. "Ron Paul has been supported by David Duke for some time now"

    wow, that's a slanderous lie.

    if politicians had to individually repudiate every idiot that endorsed them, they wouldn't have time to do anything else.

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. "Ron Paul has opposed every piece of civil rights legislation. That makes his refusal to repudiate David Duke's support even more serious."

    He probably has opposed legislation against civil rights. Probabaly because everyone already has those rights. According to the constitution everyone is created equal.

  17. libhom Says:
  18. <<<"Ron Paul has been supported by David Duke for some time now"

    wow, that's a slanderous lie. >>>

    No, it is a fact. Facts don't stop being facts because they are politically inconvenient.

    BTW, slander can only be done via the spoken word.

  19. Brad Says:
  20. Of course Duke supports him. Ron Paul's just as racist as he is. In fact he's the only candidate in the competition racist enough for Duke to vote for.


  21. Isaac Miller Says:
  22. Are you all trying to say that David Duke's vote shouldn't be counted? He has constitutionally guarded rights just like every individual.

    I am personally no fan of David Duke, but he is still aloud to support anyone he wants.

    People think that Ron Paul allowing people like David Duke to support him proves that he is racist, sexist, or homophobic. This is simply not true. Ron Paul supports personal freedoms. He believes in the constitution, and the constitution allows anyone to believe whatever they want to believe.

    Ron Paul does not allow his personal judgment to affect his vote. Ron Paul is a Christian yes, but he believes if you want to be an atheist the constitution gives you the right to do so.

    Ron Paul has always voted for more liberty. He has is own personal beliefs, but he always allows others to have their own personal beliefs as well.

    Nothing Ron Paul has ever voted for has hindered in anyway the personal rights of others.

    How can we deny one person their rights just because they're ideas unpopular?

    Ron Paul repudiating the support of David Duke just because his world views are unpopular with the main stream goes against everything Ron Paul stands for: personal freedoms, The Constitution, liberty.

    Of course this is just my view of things, you are aloud to have your own views too. Partially because Dr. Paul has been fighting for your freedom to do so.



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