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How Did John Aravosis Get in LGBT?

Posted by libhom Thursday, October 11, 2007

There goes the neighborhood. Our lgbt leaders keep letting more people in our adorable gated community. For some reason, they have insisted that we allow John Aravosis to be included.

In simpler times, we didn't have this annoying blogger expecting to be included in our august presence. Sometime in the late '90s or early '00s, a few gay rights groups and activists started including him. And that's when today's horrible situation began.

Some in America's queer community, or rather, its leadership, might be apoplectic over the possible passage of a version of ENDA that did not include John Aravosis. You would think passage of ENDA without Aravosis would be cause for celebration, but apparently not in the minds of those damned people who keep nattering on about "diversity."

ENDA was first introduced in 1874, and it didn't include Aravosis who wasn't even alive at the time. Yet, many activists and national and local gay rights groups would angrily demand that efforts to omit John Aravosis be stopped.

I felt alone. Then an odd thing happened. I started looking around at blogs (as well as listening to the voices in my head) and some people find Aravosis really annoying. Everyone would feel bad about taking anybody out of ENDA; everyone supports John Aravosis' rights; but everyone would say "pass it anyway."

The main argument is practical politics. Politics involves compromise. If enough people realized that a jerk like Aravosis was included in ENDA, it might threaten passage of the legislation.

I have a theory about movements. You cannot force people to accept people I don't like from the top down.

I have a sense that John Aravosis was imposed on the lgbt community from outside, or at least above. A lot of us have been scratching our heads for years trying to figure out what we have in common with John Aravosis. Beats the crap out of me.

It sure is a fair question, but one we know we dare not ask. It is simply not p.c. How dare I ask what I as a gay man have in common with a man like John Aravosis! Tsk. Tsk.

Is it really that wrong for me to simply ask why we have to be stuck with him?

Does this sound arbitrary to you? Does it sound unreasonable?


Note: If you haven't figured out by now that this post is sarcastic, I feel really sorry for you.

1 Responses to How Did John Aravosis Get in LGBT?

  1. ok people game on the HRC has grown a spine.there is a 10 in 10 lobbying effort going on..i just called all my reps. At my site there is a link to Barney Frank's (goddess love him ) take on the inclusive ENDA bill - my opinion he has been in Washington way too long ..stockholm syndrome..see the 6 part speech for yourselves please. and go to HRC in the post. Yeah i hung up on last week but this week its a brand new day..so as i say game on.

    Here in NM we have the T in our bills and guess what the world did not come to an end. Its dem capitulation and so called play it as lays stuff that has rendered them practically without a moral compass..fortunately we lgbTs have not lost ours.

    and omg..hear his speech. just for shits and giggles..and ultimately a demonstration of most of what is wrong with the democratic strategy and political calculus..we know what it to fight the swift boaters..hell we have been swift boated since - at least the 50s !

    thank you all - PP



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