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Eleven Regional Protests Against Iraq War October 27

Posted by libhom Friday, October 05, 2007

United for Peace and Justice is organizing regional protests against the war in eleven cities on October 27.

  1. Jonesborough, TN

  2. Boston

  3. Chicago

  4. Los Angeles

  5. New Orleans

  6. New York

  7. Orlando

  8. Philadelphia

  9. Salt Lake City

  10. San Francisco

  11. Seattle

The Tennessee protest is listed first here because it is particularly interesting that a major anti-war protest is taking place in the South. Also, the protest is calling attention to highly dangerous depleted uranium ordinance in that state.

The New Orleans march has the added interest of booths at the rally from various groups offering volunteer opportunities for people wishing to help with the Katrina recovery while they are there.

Salt Lake organizers are reminding people that we should "Build bridges, not bombs." Such logical thinking is seldom heard in the corporate media. Seattle has a great poster.

Personally, I will attend here in NYC.

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1 Responses to Eleven Regional Protests Against Iraq War October 27

  1. Hey thanks for the video , will do , hey you are one helpful godless, homo and i love you !!!

    - and yes if my life should ever be graced with sex again (and it will be,not dead yet heee hee)

    ..it will not be with a repulican.i mean dang what a turn off. Besides i like my own self ! I will never be that desparate to stoop that low - it would take nazi concentration camp like conditions ala KBR or Haloburton for that to ever remotely come up AND ONLY as a life saving possibility.

    and now i go OFF TOPIC
    Oh man i just saw for the first time the HBO film Angels in America , i had seen the play yrs ago..wow Roy Cohn..played by Al Pacino..omg ! Blew me out of the water in terms of how things are today - exactly the same. Vicious closet cases, the fear factor with patriotism and terrorists,commies etc.

    If one has not seen this film rent it !!! it will blow you away - garenteed.

    forgive my digression and rest assured i posted once on the Mobilization and will use the video TY ! to do it again. WE all gotta try, we gotta keep trying to get them to hear us.



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