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NYC Protest Report and Follow Up

Posted by libhom Saturday, October 27, 2007

Despite the rain, it was energizing and reassuring to march along with thousands of people in one of eleven protests today against the insane and illegal war in Iraq. (It also was fun to yell "shut up and enlist" at the three GOP counter protesters.)

One of the things the organizers, United for Peace and Justice, did really well was to host a peace fair after the protest to connect protesters to organizations and build the movement for peace, human rights, and social justice.

The most moving thing for me was seeing the military families holding their signs at the peace fair. You could see how speaking out against the war was part of the grieving process for many of them. It is so tragic knowing that they are suffering so a bunch of war profiteers can make vast, unearned profits.

The best tee-shirt said: "My friends went to Iraq looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction and All They Found Was This Lousy Tee shirt"

Whether you attended or not, you still have a responsibility to follow through on what was done during this protest. Here are some excellent organizations and resources that you should look into both in NYC and nationwide.

United for Peace and Justice
This is the coalition of organizations that is trying to stop the Iraq war and prevent an even crazier one with Iran. They have an excellent events calendar with actions by a variety of groups trying to stop the war.

Kucinich Campaign Site

Kucinich has the strongest anti-war message of the major party candidates, and he supports the broadest range of liberal positions.

Hillary, You're not listening.  Bring the troops home now
Code Pink NYC
They have a variety of actions you can support in the NYC area and had a big contingent in the protest march.

This is a Code Pink project trying to get Hillary Clinton to listen to the movement to stop the Iraq war. Their Bird Dog Talking Points does an excellent job rebutting the corporate media's claim that Clinton is a liberal.

Granny Peace Brigade
These grannies are some of the most courageous peace activists in the country. Their description tells us a lot about them and one of the more famous free assembly cases in recent memory.

Who We Are: When a group of women ages 59 to 91, many of us grandmothers, tried to enlist in the United States military on October 17, 2005 The Granny Peace Brigade was born. We asked to enlist in order to replace grandchildren who had been deployed in Iraq unnecessarily. However, we were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. After a six-day trial, we were acquitted. That was the beginning.

Here is an action of theirs you can support, and more are available on their web site.
Every Wednesday from 4:30 to 5:30 PM Grandmothers Against the War holds a vigil at Rockefeller Center. All are welcome.

Let Gravel Debate!
I prefer Kucinich to Gravel because I don't like Gravel's tax policies, but he certainly should be included in the Democratic presidential debates. NBC is excluding Gravel from the upcoming debate (actually joint appearance) at Drexel University. NBC is owned by GE, a war profiteer which is why one of the anti-war candidates is being excluded. They want the debate highly biased in favor of the war.

Half Empty has an excellent posting on the issue. The article has a variety of email addresses of NBC/GE executives you can contact as well.

Progressive Challenge 2008
They have an excellent, though abreviated, version of a progressive platform. When rightists ask "what do liberals stand FOR?," you can send them the link.

Peace Action New York State
Peace Action is one of the coalition partners in United for Peace and Justice, and does a lot of important work on its own as well. Staten Island has a particularly vibrant and active chapter.

Military Families Speak Out
They are doing an incredible job framing the war funding debate in a way that cuts through the corporate media spin.
"Funding the War is Killing Our Troops
Support Our Troops
Fund a Safe and Orderly Withdrawal from Iraq and Care for Them as They return"
"Military Families Speak Out continues to call on Congress to end funding for the war in Iraq, save what is needed to bring our troops home quickly and safely. Funding the war is not supporting our troops. The way to support our troops is to bring them home now and take care of them when they get here."

Read How Military Families Responded to the "Betray Us" Report. They also have some excellent actions you can take.

US Labor Against the War
This website has in depth coverage of the Iraqi oil law and mistreatment of Iraqi workers.

International ANSWER
This is the other organization that launches large, anti-war protests on a regular basis. They oppose the war in Iraq in a broader context of fighting racism and social injustice. Our society often ignores the racism involved in the Iraq war, but ANSWER does not. Check their website for future actions.


  1. Thank you for this post libhom, it seems the big A list blogs chose to ignore this mobilization ..not even a blurb , apparently dispite buses and such many people did not know about it!! Me i naively expected the big cities to produce a couple of MILLION people each..not 100s of thousands. Seems there is an elitest group of so called lib dems with A list blogs that think "demonstrations" are so yesterday - thanks again for all the links to organizations that are trying to bring sanity back to this Owellian Nation we live in presently. All day long nothing not a peep on the news but the same loop on headline news all fookin day. Pathetic !

  2. libhom Says:
  3. Reuters covered the story, but I wonder how many papers covered it.

    I checked many of the big blogs on the center left and found exactly what you mentioned. I put some comments on some of those blogs asking about posting on the demos, and I emailed the contact address for Liberal Oasis asking the same question. Thanks for the heads up. I usually don't read the "A List" blogs because blogs with more than 100 comments per post make any kind of discussion difficult or impossible.

    You are making some great points. Maybe you should elevate them to a post on your blog. I think you should give them the attention they deserve.

  4. Dusty Says:
  5. GREAT post! I did watch the debate..Kucinich always makes sense to me..wish the rest of the U.S. would catch on to him being the man.

    Gravel should be allowed, but then..when do we stop allowing them to participate? That idiot Biden gets to participate for the love of pete!



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