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The Revenge of the Craig?

Posted by libhom Monday, October 15, 2007

Almost every day, there is a new headline about Larry Craig. It's not like the media is looking for weird excuses to cover the story. Craig just keeps making noise. His doomed appeal of his conviction for a trivial crime and his factual statement that Romney “through him under the bus” is a calculated effort by Craig to keep his name in the media.

I don't think even a whackjob like Craig is arrogant or foolish enough to think he will ever restore his reputation in the GOP and get reelected to the Senate in a far-right state like Idaho.

If Craig wasn't so homophobic and sexphobic, I would feel sorry for him, given the terrible way the GOP has treated him over something so unimportant. But, we all know that he promoted the very attitudes that are pissing him off when he is the target.

But, does he know or care?

It really looks like he is going to use the “scandal” to hurt the GOP that has proven disloyal to him. You cannot blame Craig, but you can enjoy watching Craig's fellow homophobes and sexphobes alternate between whining and hiding.



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