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Will Pelosi Sell Out Humanity on the Armenian Genocide?

Posted by libhom Sunday, October 14, 2007

So far, we have the one and only example of responsible leadership from Nancy Pelosi, as described by the New York Times.

Pelosi Vows to Push Ahead With Genocide Vote

Pelosi is facing similar pressure to that which has gotten her to support the illegal war in Iraq, the Unpatriotic Act, and illegal spying on Americans. Every time she has caved (or never genuinely supported her public stances in the first place).

Seldom is there such a clear cut case before Congress as the Armenian genocide resolution. The Armenian genocide is a proven historical fact only disputed by pathological liars and crazed bigots.

The excuses for opposition are as flimsy as they are offensive.

The Bush administration’s paramount concern is that American forces might lose access to a major hub for shipping fuel and matériel to Iraq, a case that President Bush made Thursday.

Our troops never should have been sent to Iraq in the first place, and they should have all been withdrawn well before now. Denying a genocide in order to prolong an illegal and unAmerican war in Iraq is reprehensible. No patriotic American and no decent human being would seriously consider voting against the Armenian genocide resolution.

If Pelosi blocks the vote, she will be sending the same message that she has been sending throughout this Congress: expect "Democrats" to act just like Republicans.



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