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Important Statement on Queer Politics, Identity, and Community

Posted by libhom Sunday, October 07, 2007

Gay Lib 101 - a refresher course

Some Notes on Living has one of the most moving and powerful statements on queer liberation I've seen in years. It uses efforts to exclude our trans sisters and brothers from ENDA as a jumping off point to discuss a lot of important issues that currently get spun away by the corporate media, including the corporate queer media.


1 Responses to Important Statement on Queer Politics, Identity, and Community

  1. Thank you dear one, once again. Glad you liked it. I was just at my wits end when i wrote it - could not sit this one out. It was bad enough the Mathew Sheppard Act was hitched to war funding..But to drag this out now..and the dems using us this time as the political football- (deep frustrated sigh) well. (silence)
    The post is now 3rd down from the top, as I wanted to bring Naomi Klein post back from Sept to be under the new one about the movie Zeitgeist - which I'll bet you will want to see if you haven't - I have a feeling it would interest you. I found it a really great peice of film making that connects those dots we love so much..and found that as much as i thought i knew..well there are gaps in my learning. Guess thats what makes life interesting - all the learning and then sharing.

    fondly -PP



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