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Boycott Sex with Republicans

Posted by libhom Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Republican Party is literally a homophobic, racist, misogynist, AIDSphobic, Christian-supremacist hate-group. The GOP and the KKK share the same values and agenda.

All Republicans are promoting discrimination and violence against queers. There is no possible way to support the GOP without promoting said discrimination and violence. Have you ever noticed how many Log Cabin Republicans glorify Ronald Reagan, whose AIDS policies resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of gay and bisexual men?

Every Republican is personally responsible every time:

- someone is fired from their job for being lgbt

- someone is denied housing based on sexual orientation or gender identity

- someone is beaten or even killed by bashers

Why should we have sex with people who are endangering our jobs, our homes, and our very lives?

When Log Cabin is faced with any deserved criticism (usually understated quite a bit), they cry "intolerance." By doing so, they are using a rhetorical ploy invented by the KKK to spin their racism. The ploy was picked up by other Christian Right hate-groups to lash out at condemnations of their heterosexist and misogynist bigotry. They are claiming:

It is "intolerant" to speak out against intolerance.

There is no reason why we have to have sex with members of a homophobic hate group. It is repulsive to even think about sex with these bigots and traitors.

1 Responses to Boycott Sex with Republicans

  1. Christopher Says:
  2. I can honestly say I have never had sex with a Republican.

    I don't care if his dick hangs all the way down to his knee, there are some lines that can't be crossed and this is one of them.



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