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Stark Apologizes for Telling the Truth About Bush

Posted by libhom Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It is a sad time for Congress and the country. A member of Congress actually tells the truth about something that really matters; that member is inappropriately criticized by his party leader; the rest of his caucus either criticizes are keeps quiet; and he is pressured into apologizing for doing absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever.

From the Left is linking to the YouTube video. I don't have the heart to do it.

We really are moving towards a one-party state.


  1. Christopher Says:
  2. Thanks lib for the shout out.

    It's appalling to me that Stark let himself be kowtowed by the GOP and Pelosi.

    He sounds like a broken man now.

  3. Wow, I really thought Starks had the guts to stand up and force the Republicans to stop trying to distract Americans from the real issues. The Democratic Party is officially worthless.

  4. its tragic and reminds me of the Durbin apology for comparing what america does to gulags..he apologized too but it turns out HE WAS RIGHT.

    we are a one party system. If we were not we would have the fairness doctrine back - and stop having all this "manufactured consent" Mathews would give at least some time during his political talk show to ALL the candidates, not just the annointed front runners. Dobbs would be reeled in from sewing the seeds of civil war with equal opportunity government hating and Xenophobia..his words are killing people.
    Stark told the truth and for god sake how many times have the dems been smeared..do they demand apologies ? jeeze talk about the Stockholm syndrome. Its a sham. Its one party, and that my dear ones is fascism under our noses. This is what it feels like, looks like and acts like in usa 2007. The surrvailance, the Patriot Act , the Orwellian speak, and a secret lawless excutive branch that has neutered for the time being (hopefully) the other branches of government. Money MONEY - there is no level playing field. Pelosi got her postition because precisely of her capitulations to the ONE party vs. any remote committment to the constitution.



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