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From the Green Party of the United States (9/28/07):

Summary of Green positions on the war:

The Green Party of the United States has called for full and immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, the occupation of which is entering its sixth year; the party opposes a US military attack on Iran and warns Americans not to believe the new flood of deceptive war propaganda.

Greens stress that Congress could end the war quickly if Democrats refused to move on bills for war funding, including the latest request for nearly $190 billion the Pentagon says is necessary to keep combat troops in Iraq for another year. Greens urge Congress to divert federal funds from war spending to human needs and services in the US, including restoration and rebuilding in the Gulf Coast.

The Green Party has called for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney for numerous abuses of power, including misleading the American people about the reasons for invading Iraq. Greens have called the invasion a criminal breach of the US Constitution and international law, motivated by desire for political and corporate dominance in the region, control over Iraqi oil and other resources, and cooperation with Israel's aggressive strategic objectives.

How in the world do Democratic Party strategists plan to keep liberal and progressive voters from voting Green in 2008 when the Democratic Party leadership acts like a bunch of war mongering Republicans? The Democratic leadership seems determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Their cowardice and dependence on big money contributors have left them incapable of acting in their own interests or in the national interest.


  1. Brandon Says:
  2. Why would we withdraw from Afghanistan? al-Qaeda is actually in the country and across the border in Pakistan as opposed to Iraq.

    Unlike Iraq, we're not occupying the country, Afghanistan has a functioning government, albeit a highly corrupt one, we're basically on the border and lawless provinces only.

  3. you know what GLH, - i am a green and the more i think about it, i waffle a bit , wondering IF i may cast the last vote in my adult life for Kucinich - in the primaries..

    the more i now see things from a distance and learn the real history.

    i see voting as almost being complicit - in a world out of control, under the control of the Oligarchs. I take my civic duty seriously and my own mind is almost totally uncolonized , free of the brainwash about how important voting is. OR is it complicit ? enabling of the status quo - like trying to stop a herd of buffalo stampeding off a cliff (our over reaching empire) Will my vote stop that ?
    Who wants me to believe that and why ? I go and vote..ok..what is going to change ? you know what i mean ?

    The two party system our vote..may actually be a pacifyer to make us think WE the people have a say. None of the elected have yet to IMPEACH and they really need to. I do see NO NONE NADDA ZILCH difference in the two parties.Its one busines party - it really is- the costumes and rhetoric are just slightly different,but the actions are the same,just a slightly different style of delivery.

    Our civil rights..well habeaus Corpus, due or probable cause, privacy rights, many others..Do we even still have them ?

    Its really quite a shock to the system (mine) but even though the GREENS are in shambles their core values I can live with - they are MY party and one day ..one fine day maybe more talent , money and organization will migrate.The party is very viable in Europe.

    Its not easy being Green , the Dems the Thugs play us, blame Nader for something he never did - think the whole party is Nader and its not...Green is the Party we Need now , we need if want a tomorrow..Kucinich comes closest to it..

    Nice post buddy ! and if the Greens run a candidate i will vote for them. Even if its only symbolic. Its all about the platform

  4. Christopher Says:
  5. The House that Pelosi built drove me out of the Democratic party and into the ranks of registered Independent after it became clear that there would be no cuts for funding for Bush's Iraq war.

    When Pelosi uttered those now infamous words:

    "Impeachment is off the table"

    I realized there is no longer any difference between the Repugs and the Dumbos.

  6. The whole dynamic of the so called two party system, sets up a convenient distraction for the people or sheeple. Its like a tennis match and both players are cheating and just want to put on show. Look at what the dems have done. The history of the dems is as sordid as the rethugs.it really is. That is why those of us, myself included who grew up being told that the Dems ANY DEM was better than a conservative repub has been taken into the "game" and myth of freedom in this country. They want us squabbling between eachother..

    But look what is going down..the DEMS are not standing up on unauthorized surrvailance and neither or the privacy freaks of the true conservatives. So what is the outcome ? We go to the polls , pick the lesser of two evils - and its busines of empire as usual.

    this dynamic is NOT i repeat NOT going to be changed from within the system. Why ? because the powers that be. call em Neos lib/con do not want it to. Look at the electoral collage ..look at Diebold. Our votes mean nothing. Look at this and every other electon in recent history -its all about the Corporate Money and perpetuating WAR - WAR is good money.

    One could argue that the current set up is the ultimate wet dream of the new world order. Americans are debt slaves, who have been fed myths upon myths about what and who america is. WE play tennis. ie those who say any dem is better than a repub. ARE THEY ?
    I don't think so. But but ..you might say the thugs are batshit crazy well so are the current dems only they hide it better. they are no more for the people..then my cat is. She wants her food.

    So people are currently up in arms - shillery is being annointed etc ..well of course she is. Bill and Bush 1 do not hold for nothing you know...and the votes..Al Gore won. the supreme court stepped in - installed YES INSTALLED BUSH - we had a coup..it was not bloody but it did happen. IT was a coup. WE will never be the same..and no one in Washington to this day , has even tried to address this constitutionally -

    No one has taken to the floor of the Congress and even censored bush for lies into war or for calling the constituton a god damned piece of paper...

    Who benefits ? that is always the question to ask...who benefits when third parties or independent cannot vote in primaries. Who benefits when....

  7. libhom Says:
  8. brandon: You may have a point about Afghanistan, but the Greens are absolutely correct about immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

    proudprogressive: I think voting Green is more than symbolic. I see it as a long term investment which accomplishes two goals. It helps build a third party alternative, and it puts pressure on the Democrats to behave like human beings more often. However, I share your frustrations with the current duopoly.

    christopher: I am staying as a registered Democrat to put pressure from within during the primaries. However, I definitely am a swing voter, and any Democrat who wants my vote in the general election has to earn it.



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