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Coverage of Yesterday's Massive Anti-War Demos in the Blogs

Posted by libhom Sunday, October 28, 2007

Proud Progressive used the comments section of my last posting on yesterday's massive demos to point out that there has been very little "A-list" blog coverage of the actions in 10 US cities against the war in Iraq. This is disturbing, since one of the main purposes for people to have political blogs is to fill in the blanks left by a corporate media that largely downplayed this massive show of opposition to a war which is making so many corporations richer.

It seems like a good idea to highlight examples of blogs (mostly small but not entirely) that get it when it comes to the role of blogs as independent media.

Seattle marchers join nationwide protest day - Sticker Shock Music

Thousands Protest Iraq War- jobsanger

Photos From The Oct 27th SF Anti-War Protest - IndyBay

Great Attendance at Denver October 27 Peace Rally - Metro Denver Greens

Everyday Citizen had two articles on local protests:

There was some big blog coverage, though nowhere near enough.

Thousands call for swift end to Iraq war - Michael Moore

Truthout ran the San Francisco Chronicle article on the protest.


  1. Robert Rouse Says:
  2. I have a couple of pretty good videos from the Chicago march.

  3. Dusty Says:
  4. I did a decent writeup since I felt incredibly guilty about not being able to go to L.A. for the one there. My back as been toast for a week now :(

    Frankly, there are very few A-list blogs I read anymore. I prefer the passionate writing of the smaller blogs.

    Glad you took them behind the woodshed on this!

  5. The A list blogs are quilty as all hell in my book for not announcing and promoting these mobilizations. They consistenly ignored the build up. what are these "tools" afraid of breaking a heel ? It is one of the problems with the so called netroots. If you ask me ..what i saw from clips and live stuff from the yearly KOS - he and others are bought off star fuckers. But its a free country. I get my news like you all - from the smaller blogs. One friend who reads a ton of blogs..said she didn't even know about the mobilization....what blogs is she reading ??? Not ours thats for sure. i still have to re iterate..the netroots is a legend in its own mind..co opted into a big pocket book for their owners..and remind people that a large percent of this country still does NOT know what a blog is , let alone Read em.



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